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Platinum Ice Performance arrives ...

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2010 Platinum Ice (white) Performance with less common Shale (very light greyish brown) interior arrives tomorrow! Has everything except DVD Screens, cooled seats, trailer hitch, and no turbo. Even has the 20" Chrome Tec rims. Couldn't decide between Terrain, Equinox and SRX for months. Almost decided to wait and order a 2011. Then Dealer calls and has just taken delivery new of the above. I almost passed on it (kinda wanted a turbo) but went for a "free" look :D Made me an offer I couldn't refuse! $10K more than a loaded Terrain but with the express-up windows, turnsignal fender lites, huge sun roof, HID lites, power adjust pedals, 2 zone A/C control PLUS the beautiful styling sealed the deal for this sled! Surrendered my Turbo -desire after re-thinking the $$ , minor "whine" from turbo, and premium gas requirement. Woulda liked it for sure, but this was right in front of me ;)Color we wanted and all! Even has Keyless Access which I thought was a Premium model only option? ( that changes for 2011!)

THX[/color] to all who shared opinions here! In all 3 forums! Helped me decide w/ much less doubt !

PIX soon!

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Congrats! Out of the Nox, terrain and SRX...I like the SRX inside and out the best but couldn't justify in my mind the extra cost. Of course the "new GM" seems to have learned their lesson over the years and are no longer just rebadging the various models of the same platform...the SRX not only looks different from the Chevy/GMC offerings, but is also a bit different under the skin as it uses the "premium Theta" platform for improved handling. In the past you might have paid a premium for the Cadillac name, (example: an Escalade vs a loaded Denali) but these days it actually feels like you're getting more than simple cosmetic changes.
Understood & thx. I went for about $10K more ( approx $250 extra a month w/ 2K + tax down!) than I woulda on a loaded Rain/Nox, but couldn't resist the extra goodies (very subjective of course) that SRX offers. (like HID lites, rear A/C with dual temps, express up windows, pass 8 way seat, the 4 ft sunroof etc) Thankfully, a good year $ at work :)

However, you're correct about it being more than a re-badge! My SRX unfortunately, uses a lower rear seat cushion ( fine for the 5'9" crowd max) to achieve good headroom, and the rear seat does NOT slide to and fro for more rear leg room, as Nox /Rain does. But it does similarly reclines 15 degrees to aid comfort , on each side individually ala 60/40 split. Fortunately it still has about 36" rear leg room, compared to 40" on the Rain/Nox sleds, making it totally "adequate" for this category size. (equal to Toyota, Subaru,Volvo, MB etc.) My 6'2" buds however. love to ride shotgun.

I tested a V-6 Nox w 19" wheels and it rode as good as the SRX I have with 20"s (maybe a tiny bit better!) Plenty of power too! Enjoy your NOX!

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as promised here are pix of the 2010 Plat Ice we are enjoying! thx to all for their advice!



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^ absolutely stunning, Motorman! I would have loved a nice SRX (the lowest trim level with the passive entry) but they are in the mid-50s ++ here in Ontario before the 13% sales tax, and unfortunately I haven't reached that level of success in my life yet. Maybe next time.

When I "Build and Price" your model and select AWD Performance the only engine option is the turbo? Seems odd. If I select FWD Luxury and Performance then the 3.0 is the only engine. $56,365 is the MSRP on that one which is close to $64,000 CAD with tax, before negotiations/incentives which seem to be few and far between here. Wow. Beautiful vehicle nonetheless!

I do think the retractable navigation screen is a bit hoaky. How often do you leave it in the lowered position?
MSRP was $47K in USA. I got for about 43K plus tax after negot, $1K Conquest & GM points. No cash rebates at all! (I leased, and based it on 43K) Only options were Turbo and DVD Entertainment in rear. The cooled seats and Keyless Access doors are only avail in PREMIUM models for 2010 ( changes in 2011 !)

I think the rising screen a bit "hoakey" also but it's growing on me Like that it goes up/down automatically when shifting in/out of reverse. Keep it closed 50% of time as radio station/outside temp and minor other stuff still visible at top!

I' ve been working /saving 30 years for this sled. I couldn't get one in my 30's early 40's either :eek:

Congrats & Enjoy!
Beautiful sled! Enjoy!

My wife didn't like the up/down screen either. I guess since Lexus did that, Cadillac had to reciprocate. I don't mind it myself. Anyway we went the 'Nox route. Maybe our next one will be the SRX :)
The Nox and Rains are beauties and a bargain!! Just subjective choice that we liked the SRX overall, a bit more. Not to mention a lucky year financially ;)
We were 20 mins away from buying a White AWD LTZ, loaded NOX! $37K sticker, good deal offered, but missed it. Woulda "suffered" with it for sure ;D

See ya round!

I have been toying around with the the idea of purchasing the terrain and SRX. I have not been able to make up my mind. I would be eager to hear what the big advantages are of the terrain and SRX. For those of you who have purchased the terrain and SRX, are you happy with the product. Thanks for any input that you guys can give. I really do appreciate it.
That is one slick sled, Motorman!
Love the color and the gold emblems with all the chrome is a nice touch.
The DIC and gauge cluster is (from pics I remebmer) way cooler than a Terrain/Nox, IMO, as well!

Good for you and happy cruising!
Nice ride Motorman
Isn't it ironic that one has a 50 plus thousand dollar vehicle and they have to add 3dollar mirrors to the side mirror for their blind spot? be nice if all vehicles had the blind spot warning built into the mirror
Motorman said:
as promised here are pix of the 2010 Plat Ice we are enjoying! thx to all for their advice!

can you tell me where you got your gold crest and wreath Look great. [email protected]
can you tell me where you got your gold crest and wreath Look great. [email protected]
Thx! Got hem on Ebay! seller was BigDaddyCaddy Has many types. I liked the oloder look wreath. They are self adhesive. Use scotch tape to do a trial run location first. They handle car washes no problem ;D Think they were $85 a set.....

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