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Pictures as promised of my Terrain towing my 2 atv's. (~2100 pounds w/trailer)

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Here are the pics as promised.


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Awesome pictures! (and the cargo is really nice! I want one)
How does it feel towing the 2k #'s?
On the flat it's perfect, it take only about 12L/100km (19 mpg us) and i don't really feel the weight behind. My trailer is well balanced too so it helps. And the rear suspenssion of the Terrain work like a charm when loaded. The rear of the Terrain look normal like we don't have weight on it...

Going uphill is a little more tought but i never floor the pedal, if i rev the engine up to 5~6000rpm i'm sure it will tow like beast but i don'T like going as high in rpm... But just hitting the gas so the transmission **** 1 or 2 speeds down is ok to maintain my speed without reving to 6000.

But it is perfect also for city stop and go driving, it doesnt struggle at all with 2100 pounds behind.

Let me know if you have more questions :)

Thank you for your comments.
I'm towing about 2000 lbs with my Terrain V6 awd. We tow a Scamp 13' deluxe and find the Terrain very capable even in hilly terrain ( no pun intended--yeah right). We got 16.5 mpg on our last round trip of 2000 miles from Iowa to Alabama. We're very pleased with all aspects of this suv.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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