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Picture Request- Roof Trim Removed From SLE-1

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My father got a SLE-1 and wants to add the factory roof rails. I searched on here at got different answers. Has anyone removed the roof trim to see if there are welded nuts to accept the factory rails if I bought them. I know the dealership says it can't be done easily but is that just them trying to get more money out of us? So if you have done the install or have pictures of the roof trim please let me know. Thanks!!!!
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yeah you can search my thread and I have pictures on here that show the threaded studs to attach roof rails. I am actually awaiting some rails I bought from another memeber on here...
Please let me know how it turns out. Did you get the Terrain or Equinox roof rails? Thanks
If anyone if looking to get rid of their roof rails to get a more streamline look please let me know. Thanks
They are from an equinox..but looking at the service manual everything on the roof is the same between the two models. I did some pricing online and you can get the rails, rail covers, and trim for about 450.00, or maybe you can be lucky and find someone on here to do a swap with. Hopefully if the rails come in tommorow I will have an update for you....I can tell you the trim will pop off in about 5 minutes with just a long skinny screwdriver.
Great... Please post some pictures once you get them installed. Can't wait to see if this works. The dealership said they could do it for $1000 and they would have to use sheetmetal screws to install it to the roof. I told them to go pound sand and walked out. Thanks for the infomation.
The swap worked out great!!! everything was installed in about 20 min....4 bolts and snap down some trim..looks like everything is interchangeable between the 'nox and the terrain. Pics are up on the other thread about roof rails.
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