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phone book on radio

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Can anyone tell me how to put a number in the phone book in the radio? The manual seems to cover the voice comand but I am thinking there must be a speed dial on the radio as there is a pb selection when you can dial it manually.
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Yes, press the Phone button on the steering wheel, not the one on radio console, after the Tone, use verbal command, "Digit Store" or "Store" to enter a phone #. Digit store is one at atime, after each #, it will repeat then Tone, then, another #, untill you finish; while "store" command is the whole #s at once without any pause. when all #s are enter, it will ask you to put on a Name Tag, after the tone, say the Name Tag, and it will play the name tag so you can hear it, and it will ask "is this ok?" you say Yes to store it, say No to record the Name Tag again. if it doesn't understand your command, it will cancel after a few more seconds.
The phone Button also very useful for handless cellphone dialing, after you store the phone #, you press it, simply say "Call", it will ask you the name tag, and it will dial. Drive safely!!!, no more cellphone tickets for you, enjoy.
This commands are not found on the manual, very strange, i was a bit frustrated not knowing how to use it, but once you got it, you will be very exciting. it's really hand free.
You can also, press phone button to dial if you remember the phone #, simply say "dial" after you press it.
i will find out the manual from online if i can find it again, i think i deleted mine copy.
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NVM, to store a phone # must done by voice command, it's found on Manual page 6-49, Under Storing Name Tags, enjoy. I thought i found it else where, ??? silly me.
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