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Hi Guys,

I have GMC Terrain 2012 V6 engine, When I press the accelerator pedal around 80% I get the code of P2138.

I bought a scanner and the live data has given me the below information.

App sensor 1 range: 0.98~4.16 V
App sensor 2 range: 0.49-2.08 V

So when I start pressing the accelerator pedal from 0% to 99%, both the sensors are simulations but then sensor 1 start to lag and when sensor 1 reach 80% then the sensor 2 is around 90% and I get the code P2138.

I installed the new pedal as well as tried with another throttle but nothing worked

Now when I press the accelerator pedal full, Sensor 1 acts strangely.

Sensor 1 voltage is around 3.8 V instead of 4.16 V but it start increasing and with few minutes it reaches 4.12V (this happens while I was keep the accelerator pushed fully). After that I can drive the car normally (after re-setting the code). It works fine for an hour.

Then again If I fully press the accelerator the voltage drop (3.8 to 4.10V, depending after how long I checked).
I replaced the sensor wire to be make sure it is not short circuit. but still no hope.

Can any expert help me on this subject, I have posted the videos (Ignore my language in the video)

Video: 1

Video 2:

Video 3:
App sensor video 3/3 (code P2138)

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I know on the traverse.... a new gas pedal, requires calibration of the gas pedal sensor.
Some owners have been able to replace and not calibrate.
But in your case. Its possible it requires calibration.
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