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Ordered 2011 Terrain SLT2 4cyl FWD

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My wife and I have been looking for something SUV like for a while now and with gas prices going up didn't want to get something very large or with low FE. My wife drove a Terrain and really liked it. I wasn't sold on the looks of the exterior, but I drove one and thought that it would do what we wanted. None of the dealers had what we were looking for and could not transfer one from another dealer because they are so hard to keep in stock. We ordered ours on 4/12 and I checked the website and the build status was 2500 on 4/26. The dealer called me this weekend and told me that the build week is 5/9 and we should have it 2-3 weeks after that. We are looking forward to this very much.
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It took about 45 days from the day we placed the order to delivery-------over two weeks of that was transit time; Canada to south Florida. Our order was placed on 2/12, built on 3/8 & delivered on 3/29.
We have had ours for a month and 4 days; have a little over 500 miles to date and like it a lot. I had a problem with the front leather seats but the dealer took care of the problem. I personally liked the looks of the Equinox better (looks more like our Buick Enclave) but I have purchased so many vehicles from the same Cadillac, Buick & GMC dealer I got a much better deal on the SLT-2 with nav. than I could have on the LTZ equipped the same. The longer we have it the more the "butch" looks grows on me. My Wife loves our WDT Enclave but liked the Terrain right off the bat------go figure!
One thing you might consider is have the mud flaps installed or purchasing them on line from GM parts direct and installing them yourself if your the "handyman" type------they help a lot at keeping road junk off the areas right behind the front and rear wheels.
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I agree with you, I liked the looks of the Equinox better, but the wife loved the look of the Terrain and it's going to be her ride so we ordered the Terrain. I thought about the mudflaps but wife said no because she didn't like the way they looked on one the dealer had on the lot. If she gets enough dirt and grime slung up from the tires, then we may install mudflaps. We can't wait to get this vehicle. We have a three year old and we ordered with the DVD screens in the seat backs.
Yea! Status code is 3400 on 5/5/11 and I can see the TPW is 5/9/11. It's getting closer.
Where do you see your TPW? I've been at 3400 for a week and still don't see one on my chevroletconnects page.
mark54g --> It shows up just below the status line (below picture of gmc sierra, buick lacrosse and chevy equinox). This is what I copied from the page.

Order Number: PPSTTF
Status 04/30/2011 - (3400) Order Broadcast (internal plant paperwork order produced). Order is sent to various build & supplier areas to bring order together.
TPW 2011-05-09
Checked on 05/05/2011

We were at 2500 last week and the dealer called me on Saturday to tell us the TPW. I kept checking the website to see if it had been updated, but it hadn't. Today I got an email showing the latest results.
Oh I understand where it SHOULD be, but my note/week is not there. I see that I am at 3400 but no additional info and it has been that way for a while now.

Status 04/30/2011 - (3400) Order Broadcast (internal plant paperwork order produced). Order is sent to various build & supplier areas to bring order together.
Checked on 05/05/2011
I don't know what to tell you then. Have you looked into the forums on the site for information? I haven't really checked the forums on that site, but it looks like there are a lot of different threads over there that could possibly help.
I got an email this morning stating that my status has changed to 3800 on 5/7. My TPW was 5/9 so does that means it was built a week early!! If so.....Yea!! I have a VIN as well, but can't see the window sticker yet. So excited!!! :beer:
Well, mine shipped. This is all going faster than they had even said, so I am happy. I was going to wait till 3800 to buy accessories, and this morning, I got an update that it went 4200. Ordered a set of splash guards as well as husky liners.
That's great mark54g. Glad that it is going faster than they said. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the splash guards and liners and around how much did you spend? Thanks.
I went with for the splash guards. With shipping it was about $83 and change. My dealer balked at putting them on for free, even if I bought them from there, so I won't spend my money on them at the dealer.
I got the mats at They were about $209 before the new customer code took off 10%. That made it $188 for the set of front/back liners.
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