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As a bicycle tourist, I am intrigued by ONSTAR security capabilities. We sometimes drive our Equinox to a rail to trail trailhead and need to leave the car overnight. We worry that most of the parked cars are gone by sunset and think the Equinox presents a tempting target to thieves and carousing teenagers. When we lock the car by clicking the remote lock button twice, causing the horn to sound, it is my hope that an attempt to open the door without unsetting the alarm system or an attempt to drive the car away should send a signal to ONSTAR which should then contact the car and subsequently the cell telephone number listed on the account. Am I correct in my hope that I would be contacted if the car was disturbed or tampered with ?

Sometimes my imagination runs away with me. I would love to have a video camera record a car thief's face who, after stealing an Equinox, noticed the police following him and then while trying to accelerate to escape, to have Onstar remotely slow the vehicle down, ultimately to a stop. That would be a good one for "America's Funniest Videos".

Dave Fritsch
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