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Off Road Mode in NAV Settings

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Under NAV settings, does anyone know what Off Road Mode does? It's not described in the manuals.
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Our Nox doesnt have NAV but with our Garmins "off road" is straight line regardess of whats inbetween
This is from Magellan:


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The best place you can use Off-Road Nav is from Moab, Utah
Thanks guys. I don't understand why the Terrain would have this option, but I'm glad I know what it is. Maybe that's why the manual doesn't describe it.
I saw this option too, but figured it just turned off "snap to road".
I've used this when driving on unmarked trails and or beach paths......with my Yukon. Easy to retrace steps or just get back to a spot on unmarked roads. Slang name is "bread crumb trail".

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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