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2018 GMC Terrain SLE FWD 1.5
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Today I had the dealer program OEM remote start to our 2018 Terrain SLE that did not have it from the factory. It was actually an easy process, it’s already built into the car, you simply just need the OEM remote start kit( the remotes) and the dealer activates it through programming. You MUST buy the OEM kit from GM to do this because it’s provides the dealer a unique activation code with the kit. You can buy the kit through GMC accessories website, currently for $295. I ended up google searching the part number for the kit and found it cheaper through a Chevy dealer in Florida for $221 after shipping and taxes. My local gmc dealer charged me $80, so in total OEM remote start( exactly the same as factory ordered) cost me $301. I believe this kit will work on 2018-2022 models currently. Also to note this kit includes two new remotes, but does not include the physical key part that clicks inside the remote, however your current physical keys that click into your remote can be pressed inside the new remotes. Let me know if you guys have any questions.

here’s the part number for the kit:84252633
GMC accessories kit ($295): GMC Accessories

found it cheaper through here($221 shipped):
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