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Hi all. I don't know when this exactly started, but Pandora barely works in my 2017. I'd say my issues started with the car not launching the app on my phone (Galaxy S7). Most of the time, I had to open it on my phone first, then launch the in-car app. A few months back, I started running in audio issues with a lot of skips and drops. Then periodically, the Pandora button was just grayed out and not available. Now I'm at a point that if I uninstall and reinstall Pandora on my phone, I can use it once or twice in the car and that's it. After that it stays grayed out until another uninstall/reinstall.

It does work almost flawlessly if I use the Bluetooth audio option. I also have a bluetooth headset that works just fine.

Here is what I've done:

  • Removed all phones from the car, and repaired them one at a time.
    Removed and reinstalled Pandora on my phone.
    Rebooted phone.
    Enabled or disabled "Launch from car" (an option that was added sometime after my issues started"
    Wiped phone back to factory and started over.
I generally use Pandora a lot. I get pretty bored with my local radio, and GM took away my CD player, so this is it. Any thoughts on this? I want to blame my phone, but I can't really think of much more to try after resetting the phone.
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