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No status on Camaro Tracking?

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I ordered a new Terrain on April 24th and have been waiting patiently. I just discovered this site and the links to Camaro Tracking, I got my order # from the dealer and signed up yesterday. As of today it shows:

Notes: No notes for this event

And that's it. Now my salesman had told me it should be ready ~2nd week of June, now he tells me a "little longer" with no details. Any thoughts or help finding out exactly where it is in the process?
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If you are in the states then Camarotracking should definately work for you. You can try contacting Hylton, he is somewhere on this site and is the co-founder of Camarotracking. However, if yours has already been built and shipped out then you won't be able to track it anymore on the site anyway from what I have read. I can't use it myself because I am in Canada so I don't have any first-hand experience with it. Also, once it has been shipped it is difficult for your dealer to keep track of it as well. If he has the invoice then he should have an approximate arrival date, or give you a ballpark on how long it takes from the ship date. When your dealer tells you it should be ready the 2nd week of June, did he mean ready for you to pick up, or ready to be built?
camarotracking updates on wed. mornings when you are pre TPW. You will get an email at 9am central (pretty much on the dot) every wed. until your TPW, you will then get daily emails starting on tuesday during your TPW until it is built. You will then get a code 3800 and camarotracking will give you a vin and stop tracking.
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