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It was 9:30 when I left last night and when I go tomorrow to have the dealer install the dual DVD headrest players, they are going to show me about the car. But, last night I transferred my daughter's Britax Regent car seat into the new car and couldn't install behind the front passenger seat. The car seat requires the head rest to be off. The sales girl didn't think it came off? Well, my car seat is a huge to 100 lb 5 pt restraint seat and the middle won't work, as no one else can ride in the back seat. I took the car seat out this AM and put her booster in, but I am far more comfortable with my daughter in a 5 pt restrain car seat. She is 6 and can be in a booster. The law is booster or seat until 8 or 80 lbs here, but if she has to sit in something, I prefer the safer car seat.

I am downsizing from a Nissan Armada and a Toyota Sequioa before that, so this is much smaller, but that is what I wanted. Middle child has driving permit and will drive next summer, oldest in college and then the little one.
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