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Hey everyone, my name is Drew and i just picked up a 2011 equinox! i'm pretty excited ab it, it's my first ever SUV, and to be honest, my first ever SUV...

always been a gm/chevy fan... i previously had a 04 ion redline, and now have an 08 cobalt ss turbo

anyways, not too much going w/ the equinox, still stock (literally just got it)
features include, back up camera, bluetooth, onstar, sat radio, 8 way power seat, remote start, and the white cloth interior

for some reason it won't let me post pics from photobucket...
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Welcome and congrat! As I remember you need 10 posts before being able to post pic. Also remember to change your signature so everyone knows the details on your nox!
Welcome to the forum !

And yes, martdesr is right, they implented that feature to prevent spammers.

Have a nice time around.
thanks, sounds good... i couldn't find a "welcome area" in the forum, so if this is in the wrong section, i apologize.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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