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New Member, New Owner - 2011 Equinox

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Picked it up Saturday. I really enjoy it so far. It's a fairly base model Equinox - the only option it came with was the Bluetooth package.

Without making this a novel, my previous car was a 2007 Mustang GT. I really wanted it and put myself into a stupid situation to get it. I could afford it, but I was throwing good money at a bad decision and I had enough. I was able to get myself almost completely out from underneath it with the Equinox. I lowered every payment I need to make for a car each month (loan, insurance) and I'll have it paid off only 6 months longer than it would have taken me to complete the Mustang loan. The first take of gas returned around 24 MPG around town, which is a huge improvement from the 17-19 that the Mustang got me.

My priorities being what they are now, I needed a real car. I have plenty of time to get another toy (I'm 29), but this is what I need now. The monthly savings is almost $200, and over the life of the loan it will be several thousand dollars. The plan is to keep making the same payment amount that I was on the Mustang towards this and accelerate that process.

I can't tell you how many of my friends have looked at me cross eyed and confused. It makes sense when I break it down about how stupid I was when I bought the Mustang and how bad of a situation it continued to be. I love that car - I hope to get another one again very soon. But I forgot how much I like driving something like the Equinox. I'm so much more relaxed and calm driving this.

Thanks for the info. The search feature is giving me back all sorts of interesting things I plan to do 8)


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intercede007 said:
Thanks for the info. The search feature is giving me back all sorts of interesting things I plan to do 8)
Looks like you have an LS....window tint and foglights should be the first (and possibly only) things on your list. ;)
intercede007 said:
*Cough* roof rails *wheez* ;D
Only if you actually use them or have real plans to in the future. Otherwise they are just an aerodynamic drag and possible source of wind noise..
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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