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New Member, New Owner - 2011 Equinox

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Picked it up Saturday. I really enjoy it so far. It's a fairly base model Equinox - the only option it came with was the Bluetooth package.

Without making this a novel, my previous car was a 2007 Mustang GT. I really wanted it and put myself into a stupid situation to get it. I could afford it, but I was throwing good money at a bad decision and I had enough. I was able to get myself almost completely out from underneath it with the Equinox. I lowered every payment I need to make for a car each month (loan, insurance) and I'll have it paid off only 6 months longer than it would have taken me to complete the Mustang loan. The first take of gas returned around 24 MPG around town, which is a huge improvement from the 17-19 that the Mustang got me.

My priorities being what they are now, I needed a real car. I have plenty of time to get another toy (I'm 29), but this is what I need now. The monthly savings is almost $200, and over the life of the loan it will be several thousand dollars. The plan is to keep making the same payment amount that I was on the Mustang towards this and accelerate that process.

I can't tell you how many of my friends have looked at me cross eyed and confused. It makes sense when I break it down about how stupid I was when I bought the Mustang and how bad of a situation it continued to be. I love that car - I hope to get another one again very soon. But I forgot how much I like driving something like the Equinox. I'm so much more relaxed and calm driving this.

Thanks for the info. The search feature is giving me back all sorts of interesting things I plan to do 8)


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Thanks ya'll!

Put my first tank of gas through it. With eco mode on around town, I got 25.4 (303mi/11.9 gal) MPG with only 390 miles on the odometer. No AC was used, but considering the car isn't broken in yet and has the break-in sludge oil in the motor, that's pretty darn good. I hope to continue to see 25MPG with AC use in the summer time. I don't think I could ask for more, all things considered. I'm happy so far.

Shortly after I got it I started to notice a DIC message that said "Service Power Steering" when starting the car that would disappear shortly afterwards. I learned that the car has no power steering pump or fluid, but has a fully electronic rack. Nice! Apparently the car had a dead battery. I noticed it cranked a little slow, but figured I wasn't used to this new car yet. I was wrong. Got a replacement under warranty.

Now the car insurance adventure begins. Clean driving record, and GEICO claims that $193/6mo is the best they can do on my collision premium. All State, State Farm and Progressive are all between $80 and $90. I really liked GEICO - I've been a customer for over 10 years, but that is absolutely pathetic.

EDIT: To clarify my first post and this, the OP was in regards to the DIC readout. In this post I actually swiped my own card, filled it with gas and divided the number of miles I put on it versus the number of gallons I put into the tank.
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You know, after doing some more research I'm not sure I'm going to switch after all. Everything I've been reading seems to suggest that premium increases are almost a fact when you switch providers, and that eventually whoever I go with will end up at or near GEICO's rates. I know GEICO authorizes the use of new parts where available, but I've read in the Progressive policy documents that they use will use salvage or non-OEM parts if possible.

The time I've put into GEICO also means it is harder for them to dump me in the event of a claim, and I've built up years of discounts that I won't get with All State or anyone else for at least another decade.

And you're right - it is real money. Which makes it tough to decide if I want to take the leap to switch and endure probable increases in the near term (but save in the short term) or stay with GEICO. :-\
NoobNox said:
Looks like you have an LS....window tint and foglights should be the first (and possibly only) things on your list. ;)
*Cough* roof rails *wheez* ;D
NoobNox said:
Only if you actually use them or have real plans to in the future. Otherwise they are just an aerodynamic drag and possible source of wind noise..
9'6" Yancy Spencer Hobbie that I'd love to take out again without begging for rides from other friends with transport

A couple mountain bikes, and I'd like to get into YOLO this year too. 8)


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