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Hi, i purchased 2 GMC Keyfobs on eBay for 40$ free shipping.

I managed to find a locksmith that is able to copy the blade and i programmed the key myself.

IF YOU HAVE THE 2 ORIGINALS KEYS you can program yourself the third one.

All you have to do is insert the first one and place turn it to the ON position... Remove and insert the second one and also turn the key to the ON position... and do the same thing with the third one you need to program. This is it, it's done, every functions works perfectly, doors, trunk, remote start...

You can only program 3 keys on.

So here is my total cost : 20$ the key, 35$ to get it cut = 55$ (including taxes)

I called the dealer and they ask, here in Québec, about 250$ for a key if you loose one. 80$ the key, 30$ for cutting, 80$ for scanning the code and 57$ (half-hour of time), total 247$.

If you do that BEFORE you loose a key... remove the 137$ of the stealership... Still 110$...

My cost : 55$ including taxes.
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