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Need someone to listen for me please

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So I recently fixed the heat actuator and door since they broke, took 2 full days. Now it seems like the switch is acting up. The dial that controls the heat, if you listen to it very closely when you go one notch towards hot it moves for a second, two notches another second, if I go three notches it seems like it moves for 3 seconds which maxes out the heater door. If I go any further it'll break the door. Can someone listen to their motor when they move the heat up? Just go a notch at a time and see if they are all equal movements. Thanks
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i dont hear the motor when adjusting heat in my 1st gen.....

when you did the door/motor...did you install it closed (cold) with the knob on coldest setting? does that make a difference i wonder....maybe thats why (if i understand what your saying) the door opens fully when you move it just a few clicks.....
You understand what I'm saying. It is hard to hear. A slight electronic noise. Can be easier to hear with the key turned on without the engine started. I tried all configs on the settings. It only fits one way really. It also does this in both directions. Maxes out halfway from center to full cold or full heat.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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