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navi and phone question

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Hello, I am looking for some input. I have navigation/DVD system in my terrain. It is obvious to me that i won't be able to watch a movie on the main screen while driving down the road. When you put the car in drive it locks the navi. Is there a way to unlock the navigation? when driving down the road i would like to have my passenger enter in a destination. also i have my phone linked with the bluetooth. this also locks when i put the car in drive.

is there a way to unlock this feature?
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jeffro413, That "safety" feature of closing down entry on the NAV while the vehicle is in motion is pretty much standard on all makes and models of cars today. In some versions, this can be disabled using 3rd party hardware. But, nothing has been created yet for the 'Nox family of vehicles. Keep your eye on this site if not send them an e-mail asking when they will release a version of their hardware for the 'Nox/Terrain.

As far as locking the bluetooth, ask your dealership's shop about that one. Maybe there is a problem, because that shouldn't lock. You should also be able to use the NAV partly while driving. You can enter pre-set destinations, and a few other steps. Just not full keyed entry.
Thanks for the info! i have emailed them.

as far as the phone goes - it goes to the "enter phone number" and when i hit it, it does nothing. when i'm in park the next screen is the key pad.
I've seen a number of posts about not being able to enter a destination while driving. The voice command "DESTINATION" allows you to enter a destination "hands free". It works really well and only requires a glance at the screen to verify that the NAV got the information correctly.
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