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Picked up my Nox a week and a half ago and this is my early review of the vehicle...

2010 Equinox LTZ Mocha Steel
18" Wheels
Rear Entertainment

Vehicle drives very good, very quiet. So many features that I have yet to play around with all of them. I love the memory seats, Bluetooth pairing up to 5 phones and sound quality on phone calls is amazing, Stereo is great, Rear View Camera, Power lift gate and remote start are all great features. I have yet to fully try out the rear entertainment but I will shortly. I love the look of the vehicle, my peers at work really enjoy it as well. My boss has a Audi Q7 and we met up and his daughter told him that my vehicle looks like his and I get the same comments at work. I don't really think it does but it definately is a classy looking vehicle.

I have filled up the tank twice, once driving the vehicle normally without "Eco" mode on and got 580km. That is with some highway. Did almost the same routes with "Eco" mode with the second tank and got 650km. Not a huge difference but it helps and I am sure it will get better as the engine is broken into.

The USB function works "ok". I have an iPod Touch ver. 3.1.3 and it does work but sometimes it says "Unsupported Ipod Device" and I have to reset my iPod and sometimes it says "Unsupported USB Device" or it shows no music available. Tip is to also unlock the phone after you plug it into your vehicle, I find this helps.

One small thing that I don't like is that I cannot find a good spot to put my change... lots of compartments but I am used to having one near the hood latch is.

The drink holders are great, can hold any cup that I put in there. Gatorade np, Big Slurpee np, Iced Tea glass yup, Ice Cap... you get the picture.

The truck space is"ok" nothing huge but good enough. I have to fold down the seats to put my goalie equipment in...

XM Radio, is ok but I won't be extending the free trial... not a GM issue it 's just a preference. The ability to make phone calls with the vehicle is a great feature. For emergency situations, no long distance charges anywhere in Canada or the USA. I purchased 150 mins for 19.99.

Great vehicle, I give it a 9/10

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Thanks, Nine Lives.
Great info.
Yes, the OnStar phone is great and works in areas our regular cell phones don't.
As far as a place for chage, there are tons of little accesories that would fill the bill at places like Canadian TIre and such.
Here's to many miles and many smiles with your new toy!
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