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MPG - Cargo Carrier vs Small Trailer

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Hello Equinoxforum!
Did some searching on the forum but haven't found any MPG numbers for an I4 Equinox/Terrain when using a large roof mounted cargo carrier (e.g. Sears/Thule Sport 15, ~4'x3'x1.5') vs. pulling a small trailer (<500lb total wgt). If anyone has any numbers for either I'd love to see them.

Yearly we drive from central FL to upstate NY and up until this year we did so in a Trailblazer Ext (4.2l). The Trailblazer's MPG hit with the said cargo carrier was 3-5mpg. Since gas $ is likely to stay high in the foreseeable future I'm wondering if we would be better to pull a small trailer. With the cargo carrier we would also have a bike rake with 2 bikes. With the trailer the bikes would be moved onto it along with the items normally in the cargo carrier.

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If you get a trailer that stays out of the wind (not taller or wider than the tow vehicle) you won't take as big of a hit on MPG vs a roof top carrier. I used a 5x8 with my Vue and did not notice any loss of MPG. That has a 3.5 V6 though.
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