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More Terrain wierdness today.

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Wife went somewhere today and when she came back asked me to look at the radio.
It was on, showing a station but no audio. Couldn't change stations,bands or anything. Wouldn't shut off. Turned the engine off removed key and opened the door. It stayed on. Talked to OnStar, they couldn't help. Finally gave up and was going in to take it to the dealer because I figured if it stayed on all night, the battery would be low. Put the key back in, started it and it worked fine.
I think this car has Poltergeists. Had a previous problem with the A/C that nobody could diagnose or find. Go figure.
Maybe I"ll trade it on an Escape.
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Do you have bluetooth and the radio controls on the wheel? If you hit the symbol with the phone on it the radio is muted. Maybe she hit it by accident??
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