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Manual shifting on a automatic issue

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So we have a 2010 Chevy equinox.
The problem is the car shifts but will not shift when in manual mode with the plus and negative buttons.

We are thinking it might be the button its self or the electronic components behind that button.
I can't find any info on the electronic peace behind that button but wanted to find out what would be the next step in locating the problem.

Not trying to spend a **** ton of money.
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I have the same issue and purchased a new shift lever before removing the original. The wiring is short and in my case the plug the the shift lever wiring plugs into is damaged. I went to remove the new lever but I'm not strong enough it appears. When manual is selected the position on the console does not change color and thus using the switches has not input. I wished I could change or limit the transmission gear at times when hill climbing or on steep descends but unless or until I remove the stick and repair the wiring that won't be happening.
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