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Looking for window vent-visors/wind deflectors for my 2011 Nox

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I looked through many...many pages of posts and didn't find this please don't boo me if this has been discussed before.

Because I have to park outside at work, I love having the windows down slightly in the summer to keep the Nox a little cooler. Everywhere I have looked, they don't list the item for 2011 Nox's. I understand the 2010 is the same window shape. Is that true? Or...has anyone found these specifically for the 2011? Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance...:0)
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I went to the dealer and they couldn't find a listing for the 2011, but they ordered me the ones for the 2010 and they fit just fine. Hope this help
What's available is the stick on type with the double stick tape.

The thin channel design of the window frames is what keeps the 'in-channel' versions only a dream for some of us.
Still, I would think a clever engineer would be able to come up with thin stainless versions that would work.

A pipe dream perhaps. I don't trust the tape style nor care for the looks of them. :thumbdown:
The 3M gray adhesive for the window vents hold fine. You need to clean the area well and apply in somewhat warm or hot weather. I have 3M attached vents on my Saturn LS1 for 8 years and have had no problems. I had them one my VUE for 6 before I sold it. I attached lower side panels OEM on my VUE and they used just 3M adhesive and they were on my Nox for 7 years and were still on when GM bought the VUE back. I wouldn;t be worried about the tape holding the vents.
Should have mentioned I was looking for the in-channel ones. Don't the other's cover up some of the chrome window frame?

I had the in-channel on my Jeep for over 6 years and like how they allow the window to be cracked a little.

Thanks for all the quick replies... :thumb:
Got the AVS in channel like u I didn't want to cover the chrome around windows and lose the "pop" effect. easy to install, Looks great, doesn't impair my vision. Only complaint I notice a little wind noise at hwy speed with strong cross wind.
The 2010 and 2011 models are identical. Here is a place that shows in channel vent deflectors for the Equinox.
I got the in-channel AVS from the Link that Black Granite LTZ posted..very happy with them and good price.
Get the in- channel for sure, The stick on ones look like crap. Amazon .com Auto Vent shade 2010 and 2011 are the same part number. part #194166 $55 shipped, They were $52 a couple of days ago. I paid $60 about 6 weeks ago ::)

Edit $51.99 Today !
dwendt44 said:
What's available is the stick on type with the double stick tape.

The thin channel design of the window frames is what keeps the 'in-channel' versions only a dream for some of us.
...sounds like someone's search engine is out of date :hilarious:
Not at all. I used the 2011 year, and nothing came up at several sites, Amazon included at the time. This was 10 days ago.

I've used Weather Tech for over 12 years, and liked their product.

Edited to add: the Amazon site says NO to Terrain.
FWIW...'10 vs '11 Terrain so far as Vent Visors are concerned...are identical

Lots and lots of other stuff also...but for the purpose of this thread.........
I have had the side vents on my last 2 vehicles. I put chrome door posts on the Nox so no vent visors this time. I work from home so the Nox is mostly in the garage during the day. I liked the vent visors when my vehicle was parked so I could keep the windows open a little and not worry about rain getting in.
WeatherTech says that visors for the front of Terrains will be available this summer. The rear door pieces by fall-maybe.(they are in the works)

These are 'in-channel' type.
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