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List of TSBs

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Can someone point me to a list of the TSBs for the 2010-2011 Terrain & 'Nox? I found a Master List here but it's not up to date.
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I see TSB's posted here all the time, but unfortunately they are scattered out among different threads and subforums. The admin should appoint one of the moderators as TSB Czar and have them scour the forum and copy/pastethem all in the correct sub-forum.

edit- there may be a master list from GM but I wouldn't know how to get ahold of that..
MOCHANOX is usually darn good at this stuff. How bout it Buddy? Can you help with this one? :thumb:
I went to Edmunds and under maintenance they have a fairly lengthy list of TSBs for the Terrain. I don't know how complete the list is but it does include the bulletin number, date, and brief description. I copied and pasted it into a Word document for quick reference.
Thanks Greg. The NHTSA site looks similar to the Edmunds info but it is much more up to date than the Edmunds.
Thank you for the link covering the TSB's.

With all the issues here people keep complaining about and no mention of Lemon law relevancy on the issues (and after reading the lemon law pamphlet I am even more doubtful about getting things fixed)

The other vehicle in the top running with the Terrain is the 2011 Ford Escape.

The GMC had 46 tsb's
The Ford had 4 tsb's

With all the issues the mounting uo against the Terrain, the Fuel Economy issues, and the point that the Government is in charge of GMC I am more doubtful on getting this vehicle.

Still have 4 months before the twins arrive and thus have time to think on the vehicle right for our family before pulling the trigger.

Thanks once again for the link.
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Some 2010 Equinox and Terrain models equipped with the 4-cylinder engine (VIN W, RPO LAF) may exhibit a detonation/spark knock or rattle noise under light acceleration (1,500 to 1,900 rpm). This condition is present under only partial throttle, light load conditions.

A revised calibration has been released to address this condition. Update the ECM using SPS with the latest software available on TIS2Web.

When reprogramming, be sure to update the scan tool with the latest software version and maintain battery voltage using an approved battery charger/maintainer.


Here's a list I go to which has all manufacturers. Seems pretty descent. Sorry, can't post links

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