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Line drop.

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I hooked up a line drop on my 2012 terrain and now I have no subwoofer or passenger 2nd door speaker.
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…gonna need a lot more info than that…
…another one and done post it seems…
…gonna need a lot more info than that…
2012 terrain awd sle 4 cylinder flexfuel
No, things like where did you try to tap the signal, what are you using to try to tap the signal, do you have the stock system, or the upgraded Pioneer?
I installed the line drop at the factory subwoofer. It's a kicker line drop. Factory 8 speaker pioneer system in car.
Don’t tap the sub in the 4 cylinders…it also doubles as the ANC system in the Pioneer system (but only in 4 cylinders, V6’s don’t have ANC). You need to tap either the back door speakers to get your signal, or tap the signal behind the dash before the amp.
Do a search here, lots of info on the subject.
Thank you. I tried tapping in by my subwoofer, now replacing factory amplifier due to no power to my subwoofer or passenger 2nd door.
What is the anc system?
What is the anc system?
Active Noise Canceling. Only 4 cylinders have it. There are a couple of mics that listen for and then send a signal to cancel out noise through the rear sub.
Due you suggest replacing the factory amplifier since I'm getting no power to those 2 speakers? I just got done testing my aftermarket amp and subs in my wife care and they are fine.
Have you put everything back to stock first to see if it is truly a stock amp issue?
Yes my aftermarket amp and subs are out, same with wiring.
All fuses are good. Called an audio shop a few times and they said they get calls daily about bad factory amps.
Also che ked the factory speakers that are not working in the car and they move with a 9v battery test.
Replaced factory amplifier today, I'm at a loss.
…if everything was working before, and now it’s not after the install…then there’s gotta be a plug or something somewhere that wasn’t plugged back or was accidentally pulled out…
Everything is plugged in, I've checked several times.. Gmc service department is saying there are several anc that could be causing it.
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