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LF1 (3.0L) Tune Available

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Dyno Sheet

For those that will ask (I expect it here)...The numbers are uncorrected and is Wheel HP/Torque....The engine's from factory are rated @ crank power.

That is an impressive gain in torque low end, this is a completely stock setup.

You can have Vince adjust to your liking. I believe he set the shift points for 7k on this
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grometsc said:
Trifecta is pretty well known among the Ecotecs.

It is similar to that. You purchase the tune, then tell him anything you would like "custom", then you either 1) purchase the tuning cable (200.00) 2) have a cable sent to you (hold is put on yoru credit card until received). If you have a cable, you can at any time reflash stock tune, and do get a "discount" in purchasing other tunes, or free retunes if he comes out with them.
The Equinox/Terrain Ecotec 2.4 isn't specifically listed anywhere on the site. Would it be exactly the same as the HHR/Cobalt 2.4?
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