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So, I decided to go check out the prices on the Terrain. I love my Acadia and still have 4 months left on it but I am getting the itch for something new. Plus, they had the 2 month pull ahead.

Ever since the accident, my driver side door has been off. They adjusted a few times but I have moved away from the body shop and can't go back as easily. Also,now in the rainy weather the belt starts slipping and I lose steering momentarily.

First, I will get to dollars and cents. I checked out an SLT2 V6 with Navi. Atlantic Blue with Black leather, 18 in rims

MSRP: $35,790
Cap Cost:$33,994 (I was able to use Supplier Discount..another dealer by me wouldn't honor b/c he was selling too many to have to)
Incentives: $1k Loyalty,$1k GM Card Earnings (wouldn't allow the $1k Conquest rebate w/Loyalty and Supplier..checked w 2 dealers)
Residual: 46% for 36 mo, 44% for 39 mo
Money Factor: .00098 (2.35%) for both

W/o my truck I was quoted $493/mo with approx $2200 at signing. At first glance, most would fall of their chair. $500/mo for a $35k Terrain!!! I did too. No HID’s, no power passenger seat, no HUD. Then I priced other cars in the range.

Mazda CX-7= $590/mo, no money @ signing…MSRP $34k (not including 4 GMC pymnts)

Ford Edge = $540/mo,$3k @ signing….MSRP $39k (incl 4 paymnts)

VW Tig = $550/mo

None of the smaller SUV’s/CUV have good residuals. They are all in the 40% range. Money factors all vary.

I wasn’t to sure about the fenders but in white, black and Atlantic Blue it kind of lessens the sharpness of the design. The v6 is quiet and it pulls nicely.

I didn’t pull the trigger for the year end event but on Tuesday new programs come out. Right now it is through US Bank but on Tuesday GM will release its own leasing programs.

Will report more this week.

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Well, things changed. Called a different dealer Monday. They had 1 left in stock. They were in NYC and I am on Long Island about 60 miles away.

SLE-2/SLT1 Quicksilver/Black Leather with Navi and DVD's,V6 and Sunroof. The MSRP was only $300 less than the SLT-2 I was looking at.

However, without me asking, they gave me a selling price of $200 under invoice. :eek:

That morning I got an email that my GM earnings were "topped off" from $1300 to $2000. I also got Loyalty of $1,000 but you can't use on the Terrain. So, instead they gave me the Conquest. So before even calculationg anything I had a great selling price and $3000 in rebates. ;D

I asked if the pull ahead was available and the saleswoman told me it was. They would eat 2 payments and I would "bury" the other 2. I was fine with that. She came back to me with nearly identical numbers as the other dealer. I thought maybe the MF or Residual tanked and that is why the deal didn't get better. I asked for the info but she was hesitant to give it up. I decided to give $100 to hold the vehicle and proceed. $529 N $2K AT SIGNING

I supplied her with all the info she wanted and told her I wanted a faxed copy of the lease deal before delivery. This is where it gets good. The finance manager called and asked if I wanted to bury my upfrontmoney. I asked what my paymnet would be and he said $526. :eek:

I hesitated and told him the numbers she gave me. He said she gave me bad info. He gave me all the particulars and I calculated them on my lease worksheet. His numbers were dead on. My $2k at signing disappeared and I walked away with the same payment.

MF was .00085 (approx 2%) and Residual was 45% for a 39mo/12k lease. Sold me the car for $200 under invoice. :eek:

Then came the problem. GM stopped the pull ahead for this month. He called GM and got them to knock $800+ off my remaining payments so I only had to bury $200+ more. I was fine with that.

In the end, $529/mo for 39mo @ 12k w/only my $100 deposit at signing. Sweet.

I pick it up in 9 hrs. Woo hoo.
Highly reccommend the dealer.
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