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*** Just picked up my 2011 Silver Ice 1LT V6 ***

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Actually, picked it up about a week ago. What a great vehicle. ;D

Can't believe how quiet and balanced the ride is, especially with 18" wheels. Already have about 500 miles on it. The V6 has plenty of power, but if I had to describe it in one word... it would be smooth. The I4 I test drove seemed fine, but I might trailer a small boat one day. I also wanted the fully hydraulic power steering that only comes with the V6.

GM has hit a home run with the new Equinox.
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Not only a home run but if I remember - about two weeks ago they announce a whole 'nother shift at the assembly plant :)help:) to keep up. So jobs are being created, and people will buy GM :cheers:
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