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Just Bought a New Terrain

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Although I have only owned this vehicle a couple of days, I am very surprised at it's build quality. Certainly I have read all about the Terrain/Equinox for many months on the internet, but was still surprised and pleased when I test drove an SLT a few weeks ago. This is nothing compared to driving your own vehicle over a few days. Long story short, the local dealer received a shipment of four Terrains Monday--all SLT's with all wheel drive and V6 engines. My wife wanted the Mocha SLT-1 and we bought the car Monday afternoon--before it made it out of the service bay!

Time may temper my enthusiasm, but this is the best vehicle we have ever owned (and we have owned quite a diverse group). I traded in an 08 Dodge Charger for the Terrain and have no regrets! ;D
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Congrats on finding one. We have a seriously hard time trying to keep them on the lot. Enjoy it.
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