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Just bought 2011 terrain 2.4 p0016 p0017

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Hi I just bought my 2011 terrain not even two weeks ago and it's having p0016 p0017 error codes changed both cps and took to a mechanic and he's saying it is not the timing chain what else could it be? Car is jerking(misfiring?,) Not really wanting to move when pressing on the gas, and from time to time stalling out. Oil smells a little like fuel and has clumps (possible metal shavings?) Please help!
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i would take it to another mechanic for a 2nd opinion unless you trust the one who looked at it. the reluctor on the rear of the cam can spin causing those codes and possibly a no start if it spins far enough.actuator could be faulty also.does it rattle when starting? oil level full?
I guess I'd try changing the two VVT Solenoids (there's one for INTAKE and one for EXHAUST):

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UPDATE: Oh wait! You posted in another Thread implying you've already replaced the Solenoids? You said "cps" above in this Thread ... I took that to mean you changed the Camshaft Position Sensors.
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