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is an Anti Theft Alarm System necessary for 2010 Equniox?

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I read the menu and it states the car is equipped with Anti-theft Alarm System. However, my Dealer did offer me to intall the Alarm System? What were they thinking? trying to rip me off? anyone got their car install Another Alarm system?
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Maybe there's a shock sensor available from GM as an add-on. I know it was an 'accessory' for my Sierra and I'd love to have it on my Terrain.
You can add to the GM alarm, but it's not that much better than the factory alarm plus On-Star. The dealer was just looking for more profit, IMHO.
The dealer might try to sell Scotchguard (Cloth protection) for leather seats too if you let them. The leather being brand new has already been "treated" when it was manufactured.
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