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iPod starts up randomly when starting car

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Just bought my 2011 GMC Terrain SLT-1 (no nav). I have been noticing that if I am listening to my iPod and then switch to a different source (FM,AM,XM or CD) and turn the car off with the different source still playing (not the iPod) as soon as I turn the car back on the iPod will start up blaring. Any car I have ever had will start the radio in whatever source you left it on at the time your shut off your car previously. This is getting extremely annoying because not only does it start up really loud, I also have to change sources everytime I get in my car. Has anyone else had this problem?

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My USB stick does it too (2012 Terrain).

Seems it takes a second for the device to mount (assuming it mounts like a drive would in a computer) - and then switches to the USB stick automatically once mounted.

On my 2012, there is a "startup volume" option. Might want to check what you have it set to.
Yup. My iPod does it too and sometimes when I try to do an advanced search on it, it disconnects and isn't found in my source menu. Then, randomly, it starts playing from out of nowhere while I'm listening to a different source. Pretty dumb for a Pioneer branded system.
Have you brought this to the attention of your local dealer? I can also look into this for you with your VIN. Please feel free to contact me privately. Thank you.

Tricia, GM Customer Service.
I do have the startup volume as well. The iPod seems to ignore it though. All other sources will startup at the correct volume.
This does not cover the volume concern but so far as the iPOD just starting to play after startup what can happen is if your listening to your iPOD and switch to XM for example it does not shut your iPOD off so when you shut your vehicle off the iPOD continues to play and when the vehicle is off it no longer charges said iPOD but when you turn the vehicle back on it will now start to charge the iPOD and it will turn back on which to the USB port is just like plugging it in and it will make the radio switch to the iPOD. Simple way to make this not happen is to turn off your iPOD when not in use
My problem is that it freaks out and just disconnects from the vehicle. It will not even show up in the source list. So I just listen to whatever and then it just randomly figures out that it's plugged in and will switch on to iPod and start playing. Also, when I try and do and advanced search like artist and I select play all by artist, it freaks out and disconnects. This is such a major pain in the butt. I had a pioneer in dash that never ever disconnected like this and I never unplugged my iPod from my deck unless I took it outta my truck to listen to it. I hesitate to go the dealership because they dont know radios. I might call pioneer, but I'm not sure if they could help either since it isn't a pioneer head unit.
Pioneer will not help you, it is a Denso radio. Take the vehicle to the dealership have them call the NAV group at GMTAC they CAN fix this! If the dealer starts blowing smoke up your ass or has the deer in the headlights look LEAVE and go to a competant dealer
I mentioned all this to my dealer and they had a big "deer in the headlights" look. I asked them if they would just reflash the ECM just to see if it would work and they told me they could only do that if I trouble code registered. That sounds crazy to me. Seems like you could just plug it in to the computer and reflash.
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