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iPhone/iPod Help Needed

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Okay so the playback works 100% fine through USB cable to control the iPod app within the iPhone but here is my question.

When I'm on Pandora or another app this is the app that should be skipping songs since it takes over the control of the iPhone even when running in the background.

When I hit skip on the steering wheel controls or radio head unit controls it reverts back to the iPod app within the iPhone and skips that song and begins playing, it doesn't skip the Pandora app song and continue.

Any help...or is this a lost cause?
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As far as I know, you can not control Pandora through the radio controls (either on the dash or the steering wheel). I don't even use itunes, but I'm assuming that they (GM) would only work in the controls for itunes, and not any other apps....kind of a licensing thing, I'd think.
The 2011 Nox

It is my understanding and my personal experience that Pandora can only be controlled via the phone's controls

The 2012 Nox

Will come with an Infotainment system capable of "controlling" Pandora etc
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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