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Wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Occasionally, when I have my iPhone (3G) hooked up (to the stereo for music, not BT), after a while, I can hear a bit of static coming though on the speakers. It sounds like a small bit of 'popping / cracking' in the speakers. It's fairly subtle, and you can generally only hear it at the beginning of a song, as it's typically quiet at the beginning of most songs.

If I unhook the iPhone and plug it back in, the static goes away, at least for a few minutes/hours, but eventually returns. I tried a brand new USB cable a little while ago (as my factory cable was a little worse for wear), and that didn't seem to eliminate the problem (I thought it did at first, since unhooking the iPhone seems to remove the static for a while). It would also be pertinent to note that the phone is in airplane mode 24/7 (I don't use it as a phone anymore), and stays hooked up inside the vehicle 24/7, which sometimes means some cold nights.

It's a pretty small issue, but a little nagging at times. Just curious if anyone else has run into this. This is in an SLT-1 without Nav. Can't quite figure it out, but as best as I can tell, it doesn't seem to like being hooked up 24/7.
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