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IP display in German

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Yesterday my IP display changed to German! That was crazy. Upon restart it reverted back to English. Anyone else ever see this before?
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Is it possible someone changed the language in the Personalization Menu?
BTW, German is not listed as a selectable language

From the Owner Manual:

Select the Languages menu and the
following will be displayed:
. English
. French
. Spanish
Turn the MENU/SELECT knob to
select the language. Press the knob
to confirm and go back to the
last menu.
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Is it possible someone changed the language in th......
No - I was the only one using it. The engine had been off for less than 20 minutes when it happened. I went through the choices being freaked out and you are correct German was not a choice. The only word that did not get changed was "Navigation" on the last tab.
Our 2011 Equinox just did the same thing -- English when switched off, German when switched back on, then English after the next start.

No buttons pushed, no menus accessed, just turned off and restarted the car.

Two cases does not make a trend, but...
7/15/2017 & 5/16/2018 this phenomena happened to me as well. It changed on its own as I drove to work and changed back to English again when I went home? 2010 Equinox LS.
This just happened on my fiance's buick encore. Only the IP switched to German, but the radio remained English. A few run cycles later, it switched back to English. Does GM have an explanation for this yet??
Possibly there is a software issue and a update flash to it. Dealer would know as they get the bulletins.
My '16 nox needed a ''center stack'' update to correct some missing screen buttons erratically happening when first bought new. It still would happen very erratically afterwards, and dealer put a ticket into engineering. Still no solution as I was in with another vehicle and inquired about it last week.
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