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Hey members! As promised, the forum has been updated and expanded to cover three of the Theta sibling crossovers. As you can see, the board structure has changed some. Each model has its own section so that model-specific topics have their own place. The Tech section, Polls, FAQs and Recalls, etc. will generally apply to all models, so that section can be shared among all owners.

You can now visit the Forum under three separate URLs:

Each one has a unique Logo and banner background at the top, but for now the rest of the colors are the same. As time permits, I may tweak the color scheme of each one as well, to give each even more distinct personalities. Your current username/password will work on all the sites, but you'll have to login again on each one the first time, since the session cookies aren't shared across the URLs. Take a look and tell me what you think!

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