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Yes. . I suppose you could install a PCV ball valve on the top of a drilled out oil cap. However, even that could become fouled with the typical yellow oil/water emmulsion that build up under the oil cap in cold weather. Once that happens it could freeze and back to square one.

From all we've seen here on the forum and other sources, the main cause of main seal blow out is the external PCV hose from the valve cover to the air intake freezing up. The small orifice (port) is more prone to getting carbon deposits and not responsible for main seal blow out. Some have drilled a hole into the intake right above the orifice and check or clean that small port with a wire periodically. They then plug the drilled hold with a screw or other means.
From what I've read, the internal orifice port is only used at idle conditions to route some vapors. It does not have the capacity that the intake hose PCV path has.
Do you have any pictures where others drill a hole to gain access? Most of my issue is at idle and I have yet to try cleaning that orifice.

The biggest solution I've had is simple, keep an eye on the oil level. If my car starts acting up then I definitely know I need to add oil, at times even just a half qt makes a world of difference. I change my oil around 5k miles and typically add 2-3 qts during that period, it seems that once im at the 5k mark that it doesn't matter if I have 5qts exactly; it just runs like garbage.
I switched to a vented oil cap about 2 yrs ago and can't tell if its helped, but my oil seal has not failed.
I installed a k&n intake years ago, not for any bs hp gains, but it moves the 'pcv' line upwards (any residual moisture cannot build up in the line) factory is a U shape and i was highly concerned seeing that line completely frozen.
I still have some random times where I think this is it, she's done for, thankfully that hasn't happened yet. I've tried a few sensors and the came solenoids/actuators, and nothing has really reduced the stalling as much as a half qt of oil will. 130k miles i definitely need to clean that orifice in the intake.
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