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im trying to buy a terrain

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hey everyone, so im new in this forum, b ut though i should ask advice from you guys..
so im trying to buy a terrain 2010 sle 2 awd mocha steel conv. package, sunroof, and dvd entertainment syst. so i when to my local dealer started the paper work and want to place 10k downpymt. the preaproved me but. but they want to offer me 12.4 percent intrest, and 72 mth me thats insane ....please any input would help i really want this car but i think i may have to bite the bullet and go some other make..
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Welcome to the wonderful world of credit, particularly in the United States. The fact of the matter is with that score, you're going to be paying higher interest. You could shop around a bit, but there's also a problem with that, as every time someone performs a query of your credit file, that can affect your credit too.

At the end of the day, you'll have to either come up with a way to better finance the vehicle, or make the decision to bite the bullet and pay the nasty interest (12% on a car is nasty). If it were me, it wouldn't be worth it, and I'd just drive a little ****box for a year or two until you can get that score up. Even if you can get that rate down to 8% within 2 years, that's $7-$9K you've saved in interest alone.

Perhaps you can ask a family member? Banks are paying crap interest right now, so offering 6 or 7 percent is pretty attractive for someone who's just making 1 or 2% anyway.
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