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I would NEVER buy a Chevy!!!!

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Until now. My wife and I bought a 2010 2LT last week. The great thing is that we lucked into finding one used at our local dealer. Only 12k miles on it and in perfect shape.

It literally was the little old lady story, made them give me verification because you always hear that. Woman ordered it and drove it for 4 months. She had trouble because she was too short to pull the lift gate back down. So she had to trade it in and order one with the power lift gate.

Because it was used we got what I think is a pretty good price on it.

I have to say that we absolutely LOVE it. Chevy got it right with this one. We also looked at the CRV, but they are just two different types of vehicles. The CRV has more of a truck or utility feel to it. If people pay attention to reviews I can see the Equinox puting a dent in CRV sales.
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I am in love with this vehicle.

The only two MINOR things I would like to change are that the original owner put the front license plate bracket on it. Wish I could take it off and gracefully cover the holes it will leave.

And I wish I could turn off the XM so that it no longer comes up as a source.
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