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I Really Miss my Nox

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The weather in southern Oregon is getting nice enough to start bike commuting again. I put over 1,000 miles on the bike each year just commuting. I leave an older car at the office in case I have a meeting too far away for biking. During the winter, I leave my bike at the office and grab a ride when the weather permits. This morning I drove my trusty '84 Subaru "dinghy" to the office and left the LTZ in the garage so I can pedal home tonight. I had forgotten what squeaks, rattles and engine noise sounded like. I didn't even bother with the tinny old radio because I'm spoiled by the Pioneer sound system. It's going to be a long spring and summer. Thankfully it's supposed to rain on Monday and I won't feel guilty driving to work in style and comfort.
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Amen! But do you understand how green you are for doing the biking? We all appreciate the effort and sacrifice you make. I know you would rather be in the Nox but it is a gallant thing you do. Unfortunately, I'm too old to pedal. ::)
well, also on the bright side, it is easier to do projects on the NOX while it is, waxing/detailing, oil-changing, other stuff...
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