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I mentioned in my previous post

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about my problem with the Nav system radio and was wondering if anyone could suggest where I would go to complain about this omission in the radio features. I am sure many others have this problem and it seems like it would be an easy fix for them to make but I don't really know where to post my concerns. I don't feel the dealer would really care and for 2200 bucks it seems like someone would.

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bballr4567 said:
Whats the issue?
I am just discovering what all my Terrain can do and it is amazing but I have a problem that I can not seem to find the answer to. I probably am just blind or dumb.

I have the Nav system with all the bells and whistles. I have figured out how to use it with my i pod and how to load my audio files on it from a thumb drive. Very simple. Cheesy My problem comes when listening to some of them.

I listen to Podcast too, actually more than music. Some of my favorite poscasts are two hours long, such as the Tech Guy, Leo Leporte. Now the problem comes up. I can load them and easily see them and select them but if I listen to a half hour or any part of the podcast and then want to stop and listen to some music I have to start the two hour podcast at the beginning again. Now that is nuts. I am sure there is some way to save my position or to be able to fast forward and reverse to find the spot I was at on the Podcast when I want to listen to it again. .With a 2000 dollar system they could not have forgotten that! Or did they? Please tell me I am stupid and bail me out on this one .
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SuperMat64 said:
I have the same system as you and i can do that... you just have to hold the previous/next track button...

Thanks! I just tried it and it works :D Still it is a bit of a problem I can live with I guess because it only advances a second at a time and that takes a while to advance an hour or so into a two hour program. Quite a while but you have shown me that it can be done. It seems there would be some place that these problems could be passed on to the developers. It seems that this would be an easy fix for them.

I do thank you for helping me out on this.

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