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I diid find a work around

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for part of my problem with my Nav system radio. I have mentioned before about my frustration with the radio when I listen to long Podcast that I have put on my HD. Some of my podcasts are 2 hours long, Leo Leporte for one. It takes one minute of holding the button down for ten minutes of fast forwarding and if you have listened to 70 minutes of the dang podcast and the wrong button you have to hold the button down for 7 minutes to get back to where you were. PITA!! for sure!

What I just did was put the podcast into a Audio editing program, I used AVS. I then broke it into four parts of a half hour each, I might do it into 10 minute sections but just wanted to try it out. I then save it in the four files which the program labeled for me and put them on a thumb drive, which I loaded on the Nav radio. It loaded the as Unknown but I did a search on the hard drive under unknown and they were all there in sequence. That will work.

BUT, it does not change the fact that the engineers dropped the ball on this one and ought to fix it. Where can we complain? Does GM have a place on the web for these suggestions?

I also now have to figure out how to get the files to be listed under Leo Leporte in the Artists section. I have tried loading them separately and also put them in a Leo Leporte folder on the thumb drive and they still go under Unknown. Sorta goofy.

I just though this infromation might help others that listen to podcasts.
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right click on the song on a windows computer > "Properties" > "Summary" > "Advanced". From there you can change the song's attributes like Album Title, Artist, Year etc.
right click on the song on a windows computer > "Properties" > "Summary" > "Advanced". From there you can change the song's attributes like Album Title, Artist, Year etc.
I did try to do as you suggested and this shows the result

Have I missed something? I really don't understand why the Radio HD marks them as unknown. I do go to the unknown folder and it displays them properly
right click--->details tab----->fill in values for title & album artist

The vehicle might not read the new values when you plug the flash drive back in unless it detects changes signifigant enough to cause it to re-index the whole drive.

IE - I cleaned up the ID3 tags on about 12 albums worth of music but my Terrain wasn't recognizing the changes, I had to delete a whole albume to get the Terrain to re-index the whole card from scratch and then I addedx the album back onto the drive and it re-indexed the whole drive again to the updated info i had entered.
I think the reason my solution didnt work was because it was designed for a computer running XP. However as GMC Driver suggested if you fill in the details tab with all the information it should work. If the podcast segments are already on the hard drive you will obviously need to delete them and then add in the updated versions, from your video the segmants looked as though that under the details tab they were bank. Filling them out should fix your problem i hope. Good Luck
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