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How do I know for sure my SRX is AWD and now RWD?

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I purchased this vehicle used on the word of the salesman that the vehicle is actually AWD. However, I have seen no indication on the exterior or interior that identifies it as AWD. There is no way to turn off AWD (or on for that matter.) Further more, while at the body shop last month, the print out on my invoice with the VIN indicated that the vehicle was 2WD. I have taken it back to the dealership where I purchased it and they said "We looked underneath it and it has axles on the front. It's AWD for sure."

It is a 2006 SRX.

Should it have a badge on it that identifies it at AWD? Is there a way to check the VIN to determine if it's AWD? Should I be able to look underneath the car and see axles that will identify it as for sure AWD? Should there be a button on the interior that allows me to turn the AWD off (there is a button to turn off the traction control)?

Thanks for any help.
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No matter what the vehicle will have a axle in the front, some sort of drive shaft will be the giveaway. However since the VIN is tied to a RWD SRX, you might be in trouble. Someone who owns one (I have an equinox) could point you in a better direction.
Look at the sticker in your glove box with all the little codes.
M82 is the code for RWD if the vehicle has a V6 and M22 is the code for RWD when the vehicle has the V8.
MX5 is the code for AWD if the vehicle has a V6 and MV3 is the code for AWD when the vehicle has a V8.
There will not be a switch of any kind to turn the AWD system on or off in that vehicle, if it has AWD it's a symetrical fulltime system that GM had access to before they sold their stake in Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries).
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