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Is it me, or do you find it hard to make your horn beep just a little. Seems like I have to lean into the horn to make it beep, and it makes a loud/long beep. I just want to say "Hi" with it, and it is hard. Are they all like that ?
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Yeah you definetly cant push directly in the middle, you kind of have to "rock" it at the top of the pad to get a quick beep.
Bump - I am really frustrating about the horn. Anyone else ?
Horn is not to say "hi"
lol yeah there have been times where I needed to 'communicate' with another driver but didn't press in the right spot and missed the opportunity....
Really?? lol

This is one of the easiest horns to activate Ive ever had. My 00 Formula was impossible. You had to press it in the right spots or you would just get a tiny beep from it. My 01 Grand Am was even worse because it had a weak sounding horn along with giving you a hard time to get it to beep. My 09 Malibu wasnt that bad but you still had to push it in a certain spot.

With the Terrain, I just got to push on the top center of the wheel and BEEEEP comes out.
Try the old Saturn horn. They had little horn symbols on the front of the wheel. If you didn't hit the symbol the horn would not work. My wife hit the center Saturn emplem and dented it and the horn didn't work. I rarely use my horn. Just another thing to get people mad at you
Actually I'm glad it's not easy to "beep, beep". In the US as in Canada the horn is used when you really want to scream. In the UK, Italy and France they use it to "talk" to each other, from please, I'm going, thanks..
On the roads we need less people with anger behind the wheel, it's dangerous already.

Here in Calgary you only beep when the idiot in front fell sleep at the wheel... and only after you waited for a bit. Visitors have always told me they notice how quiet it is driving in the city with comments like "drivers never use the horn around here.. nice!". Basically is offensive to honk at someone. Of course this is local culture.
So the ol' "Honk if you're hornie" doesn't work so well? Bummer. ;D
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