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Hitch Carrier - FOLDING - anyone actually have on on a Nox to confirm it works?

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I'm posting this as a reply in some other places as I need a timely response to purchase one...

Does anyone actually have a flat carrier that can fold installed on their Equinox? I will trust that the Terrain bumper has the same curve and clearance as the Nox...???...???

I'm trying to decide between a 48" or 60" (the latter could cause brake light coverage depending on how packed).
As I was just looking at that bumper, it was hard to see a folding one not hitting the bumper...
I'll be installing the Class 3 2" hitch just for the extra tongue weight ability (I know the towing limits).

Please specify if you have the small lip kind (3") or the basket edges that go up 4 to 6"...

I'm thinking to get an aluminum one for the weight advantage (single girl here so I need to be able to manipulate it easily when traveling..)
I'll want to be able to use it for basic luggage or a bike when needed. Any advice on the 48" vs. 60" for a bike?

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