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hid install

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I just about a hid kit from hidlights and it said it that it is made for the car and is programmed for car. does that mean i dont need a relay? theres nothing with the kit so im assuming its all configured in the ballast? 2011 nox ls........6000 low and 6000 highs. capacitor built in?
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Re: hid intall

Jeeze if that wasn't hard to understand but I think I worked it out.

You do not need a relay all you need is a capacitor and you will have to speak to the manufacturer to see if it is built into the assembly.

I wouldn't advise using HIDs for high beams as most just use them for a sudden on/off most of the time and they don't work too great under those circumstances.

What is the site you ordered these kits from?
I ordered my HID set from KBcarstuff (xenondepot) last week, I'll try to do a step-by-step of the install. Sounds like it`ll work great from what people here have said and the sales guys are awesome to deal with!
Re: hid intall

no_limit_larry said:
Pretty cheap, Do you have personal experience with this companys product ?
I couldn't find out anything about a CANBUS fix/Capacitor. You might have to get in touch with them to find out if the capacitor is included with your kit. If you read all the other threads on HID installations you need this fix and not so much the relays. Hope this helps
I hope this gives you an understanding of the capacitor install. I did not use the relay but installed the capacitor inline with bulb. I ordered an harness so I had the plug and play effect.
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