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Heated Seats - Intermitent Operation

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Having an problem with heated driver seat in my 2010 Equinox (LTZ w/leather). I am just talking about operation when the vehicle is running normally - not remote-start operation. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. When it is not working, I hear a click in instrument panel area and it shuts off about 5-10 sec after button depressed. I have had the seat heating element replaced by the dealer. It worked for a short while and then went back to intermittent operation. Whenever I have it checked by the dealer, it works. Then the next day it does not. Sometimes it will stay on for a minute or two and then shut off. Can anyone shed any light on a fix??

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I had an issue with the 8-way power seat -- the rear elevation motor wasn't working.

I did a little poking around, and noted the huge, clunky yellow connector under the driver's seat. I pushed both halves tighter together, and that did the trick.

You might try the same if you can find the heater connector.

I wonder why the designers left that connector just flopping about on the carpet like that...?
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