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HD Radio?

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Anyone know if the Nav infotainment system has an available module or some other way to allow reception of HD radio? My BMW has a receiver built in and there are some very good HD stations for jazz and classical music in my area. Would be a nice feature for the Terrain as well.
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Thought about that add-on SnowItch, but I'd rather opt for the invisible module. I knew the head unit was Alpine and it seems most Alpine units either have HD installed, or available by module. I would think the module would give radio data on the nav screen similar to the sat radio. Just thinkin' !!
Snow---I'll let you or somebody else try this first. If anyone finds a good solution, I'm all in. But my tech skills are so so at best.
Hey Gearhead--When I started this thread I was really concerned about a lack of HD Radio capacity in the Terrain. The quality of HD Radio fidelity is quite remarkable and I used it almost exclusively over Satellite & regular FM in the Bimmer. I still use it when not driving the Terrain and will continue the quest to find an add on module to the Pioneer/Alpine unit w/Nav when availabe for my car. Ideally, it would integrate right into the infotainment system of our car, leaving the USB port for other accessories. From what I read and hear, many FM stations will convert to full HD over the coming years anyway. Does anyone know if HD Radio is integrated into the 2010 LaCrosse or Caddy SRX?? Looks to be similar , if not same, head unit.
Geez Gearhead---finding projects for the Nox/Terrain on this site isn't enough?? Now you've got me thinking how I go about doing the HD radio in MY house as well. Thanks back at ya!!
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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