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hi gays , i want denali terrain 2017 service manual ( repair ) .
You can demand a date with Liberace, too, but it ain’t happenin’.

Seriously, though, your choices are:

1.) Helm manual (new) : $200 CD, $375 hardcopy.

2.) EBay : Maybe someone is selling their 2010-2017 Manuals half price?

3.) AllData subscription: for a very reasonable monthly charge. Good for specific projects.

4.) Haynes (Auto Parts Stores) : $15? Normally good enough for backyard mechanic, but I think the book for the Gen-2 Equinox/Terrain is not very good.

... and I think there is at least one more option I can’t recall offhand.

I always buy the Helm Manuals as soon as they become available after I buy a new car. They’re very interesting and full of information (and some errors), but truth-be-told: they’re overkill for a backyard mechanic.
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