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I have a 2008 SRX4 that just started having some issues. The one we are dealing with currently seems to be due to a parts number change from GM. Our third row seat power fold stopped working this summer and we took it to the dealer. They stated that the control module (under seat) was KIA and they had to order a new one. This was in September. As of today (Dec 3rd) still no part. After several phone calls we have been told that the parts system, or maybe just the related parts, have been assigned new parts numbers. Our original number was 88898297. No one seems to be able to get a consistent story on why I cant get this part through dealer locator or get info on when parts would be available from the individual manufacturer.

We had been told from this particular service department that said part is no where to be found in the continental united states. Although after making phone calls on our own to over a dozen different dealers in the US, we were able to find a control module but listed under a different part number so we are concerned about buying the part while unsure of part number compatability.

Does anyone have any insight on this ordeal? I occasionally need the third row to fold out of the floor and I'm getting irritated.
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